Legal Forms

Klamath County Tax Office has the following Stevens-Ness legal forms available for purchase in office:

Forms are $10.00 Each

Form No

Form Title

23Acknowledgment, Individual
107Power of Attorney to Sell Real Estate
654Power of Attorney, Durable (Short Form)
853Power of Attorney (Long Form)


Bill of Sale

926Easement, General


Warranty Deed


Quitclaim Deed


Bargain and Sale Deed


Transfer on Death Deed


Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed

1456Personal Representatives Deed
1457Affiant's Deed


Small Estate Affidavit- Testate


Small Estate Affidavit- Intestate



Klamath County does not provide legal advice, and our staff is legally prohibited from advising you on which form to use, or whether a particular form is right for your situation. If you do not understand a form or its intended use, or if you are not certain that a specific form meets the requirements of your particular situation, Klamath County strongly urges you to seek legal counsel from a professional. If you need help finding an Oregon attorney, you may call 503-684-3763 or toll-free within Oregon 800-452-7636.