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If you feel intimidated or if you feel individuals were pretending to be election officials, please write-up your experience and email to : elections.sos@sos.oregon.gov.

If you suspect election law violation, please report at the below website or if you prefer not to use the online form to submit a request you may send your signed request ​by mail to: Elections Division, 255 Capitol St. NE Suite 126, Salem, OR 97310-1342 (Please attach all relevant documentation with your request). 


Press Release: Citizens going door to door (pdf)

Watching A Ballot Drop Box Site:

1. Can people block access to election offices or drop boxes?
NO. ORS 260.695(3)

2. Can people ask to see your ballot or ask how you intend to vote at a drop box or election office?
NO. ORS 260.695(6)

3. ORS 260.695(13) - Prohibits attempting to collect voted ballots within 100 feet of any elections office or drop box.

4. All of our ballot box personnel have been instructed that if they are followed, they are to call 9-1-1.

5. If a voter feels intimidated at a ballot box drop site and reports it to our office; the Sheriff’s office will be notified.

6. Violating ballot box prohibitions comes with potential criminal and civil penalties. ORS 260.993 and ORS 260.995.