Family Problems

Have you drawn up a contract and both parent and child signed it, which will spell out the expectations that each person has, the rules of behavior and consequences for failure to abide by the terms of that contract? Consider purchasing the book, "Back in Control", by Greg Bodenhamer. It is an easy to read guide that can assist parents in gaining control of their child. Limit setting, rule enforcement and communication skills, in addition to other helpful information is included.

Family Counseling

In many families, there is much stress and conflict between the parent and child once the child becomes a teenager. Family counseling can assist all parties involved in the conflict to assess their positions more rationally without the emotional blow ups, and hopefully, reach a resolution to the conflicts. 

Family counseling services in the area include:

Check the yellow pages of your phone book or ask family/friends for names of other professional counselors.

Private Placements

Have you sought out alternative living arrangements for your child, such as:

  • Considering placement with a relative
  • Emancipation. This requires court action and must be discussed with the Juvenile Department. If you would like to discuss emancipation as an option, contact the Juvnile Department to learn more about the eligibility requirements.
  • Placement at a private school, private ranch or military school