Technical Support Section

Positions & Responsibilities

The Technical Support Section is comprised of the following positions and responsibilities:

  • Two Mobile Home Techs: In addition to customer service, this team handles all the traditional assessment functions such as moving permits and the creation and maintenance of assessment records, plus all the functions of titling and registration that were formerly the responsibility of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Two Data Entry Techs: In addition to customer service, this team enters into the assessment computer system all the data from the reappraisal of ten thousand existing accounts. They also create new accounts from the appraisal of three thousand and more new properties and buildings per year. They are also in charge of the various exemption programs including the all important veterans’ exemptions and senior citizen deferral programs.
  • Personal Property Tech: In addition to customer service, personal property returns and equipment lists must be prepared and mailed to four thousand business accounts each year. Each business must file a confidential personal property return each year that must be reviewed for changes and accuracy, and processed into the assessment computer system.
  • Senior Cartographer: In addition to customer service, maintains the over 2,000 assessment maps by computer drafting all segregations, partitions and subdivisions. The cartographer works closely with County Surveyor, Planning and Information Technology departments.
  • Cartographic Tech: In addition to customer service, thousands of deed records and other recorded documents must be reviewed each year to track owners and their addresses for each of the 70,000+ accounts; this person also reviews deeds for correctness, and enters all changes into the assessment computer system.

In addition to the statutory requirements of each position, the Technical Support Section is responsible for responding to the telephone and public counter inquiries on a wide variety of assessment topics.