Klamath Housing Authority

Klamath Housing Authority (KHA) is a quasi-governmental, municipal corporation that is governed by a 7 member volunteer board who are appointed by the Klamath County Commissioners. The board is a policy making board who hires the Executive Director and provides over sight to her/him, sets policies and has a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the finances. The board meets the last Tuesday of every month at noon at the KHA offices at 1445 Avalon Street.


Current Members                                                              Term Expiration

Amy Boivin aboivin@kbbh.org                                               7/31/2026

Debra Gisriel debra.gisriel@fnrhomes.com                           7/31/2024

Rick Sonerholm ricksonerholm@aol.com                              7/31/2024

Stephanie Hirche shirche@craft3.org                                    7/31/2026

Greg Chandler greg.chandler@state.or.us                            7/31/2025

Bryce Mallory bryce.mallory@edwardjones.com                   7/31/2027

Denise Stilwell denise@scoedd.org                                       7/31/2027