Library Advisory Board

The role of the Library Advisory Board is to advise the Library Director and Board of County Commissioners regarding establishing policy, planning and developing program services for the Klamath County Library. The Library Advisory Board meets at noon on the third Wednesday of each month at the downtown Klamath County Library. The public is invited, but please call 541-882-8894 in advance if you plan to attend, as the downtown library is closed at that time.

Appointments to the Advisory Board are made by the Board upon vacancy of a position. Board positions are:

  • Library Advisory Board Chair
  • Klamath Falls Representative 1
  • Klamath Falls Representative 2
  • Bly Representative
  • Bonanza Representative
  • Chemult/Gilchrist Representative
  • Chiloquin Representative
  • Keno Representative
  • Malin Representative
  • Merrill Representative
  • Sprague River Representative