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Submit a Building Code Violation Concern

  1. Permits are required for many types of building and remodeling projects; if you are unsure if a project requires a permit, please review the Building Code Division information links. You can also search for permits at the State of Oregon's e-permitting site. If you have a building code violation concern, please complete the form; our Building Code Enforcement Officer will initiate an investigation. We appreciate your concern and efforts to keep our community safe!
  2. Please list the address where the building code concern is taking place; please include cross streets whenever possible.
  3. If the property does not have an address, visit to locate the parcel.

  4. Please note:
    Klamath County Building Code Enforcement will not advertise or share information pertaining to complainants unless a public records request is submitted or a building code enforcement case is elevated to the Hearings Officer.
  5. Suspected work being performed without permits (check all that apply)*
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